My name is Jess, a 30 something Executive Assistant in Southern California with a thick waist, curly hair who survives off of copious amounts of coffee and Instagram.

I wasn’t always a size 14/16 so it has been a serious learning curve trying to figure out how to dress myself. Shopping for jeans will reduce this girl to tears in minutes. I feel my most confident in skirt/dresses, I learned how to hide my flaws while showing off my favorite parts. Thank you Christina Hendricks for playing Joan Holloway and inspiring a #currvygirl movement.

I survive off of coffee, hairspray and mascara. Sounds artificial I know, however most people do judge you off of appearances. As an avid book reader, I have learned that there is more to a person than whats on the outside. I hope to inspire other ladies to be the best version of themselves possible. For women to be their own role models. To create their own paths.

I know that there is an abundance of makeup/fashion bloggers with better clothes, better photography skills and better lighting – but this me. Making do with what I got. For those of you who have taken an interest and are taking this journey with me, Thank You!