How many of us have gone to Target for toilet paper, that should have cost about $6.99 and came out $75 broke??

I went to Target for 2 things, nylons and allergy meds and I left with much more.


First up, I went shopping on my lunch hour so I knew I needed something I could heat up. I picked up 3 cans of Progressos’ Chicken & Orzo with Lemon soup to keep stocked at my desk.

From there I headed into the wellness section and picked up some over the counter allergy meds. I ran out and needed to get into bottle asap, hence why the packaging was open.


When I am not suffering from sneezing, itchy eyes and throat due to seasonal allergies,  I am battling headaches. So of course there I go refilling my generic ibuprofen. I always say I am going to purchase the giant bottle but I would rather spend that money on something else in the store.


The main reason I went into the store was for nylons. Ok, well who wears nylons anymore?!? That would be the Duchess, Kate Middleton. She wears them often and she wears them well. I have plenty of black of tights but not sheer flesh toned nylons. Its been a several years since I have worn nylons. I have come to realize that not all of my outfits looks good with black tights. So we are here, with a box of 2 pairs of Sheer Energy Medium Support Nylons in a Nude color size Q. Please, please, please, if you have a good brand of Nylons, that fits women with thick thighs, please share. I bought fancier nylons last year, forgot to stretch them and they tore before I got the second leg in. Hence why I went for a budget pair, if these tare 1. I have a back up pair and 2. they were in expensive.


Here is that something else I would rather spend my money on: Target Fashions. This beautiful charcoal grey button down crewneck embellished cardigan is sooo pretty. I got 10% off which made it oh so better.
I am thinking of going back for the burgundy one and cream one.

When you work in a professional setting with the air conditioning running all day, tights or nylons and a pretty cardigan make it so much easier to survive.