It has been about 4 weeks since my last Weight Watchers update. This is my 3rd attempt at writing my 4th update.

The honest truth is that I have not stuck to the program. Part of being successful is knowing what you are going to eat before you get hangry. Things like packing leftovers, snacks or even frozen meals help me to stay on course. As opposed to my McDonalds or Del Taco run which would easily take up my entire allotment for the day in one sitting.


The only thing I have been doing is reaching my weekly Fitpoints. And to be honest not because I am making any effort, rather my Fitbit syncs with the WW app.


Last time I weighed in, I came in at 190lbs. Today I weighed in at 193lbs. That has to do with my poor food choices, lack of energy which means I am back to gulping down soda and lots of creamer filled coffee.


This email is not about asking for sympathy about my failures. Rather, it is time to face the reality of my situation. I need to get back into the kitchen and pack lunches. I need to take advantage of all that Weight Watchers offers such as an online community, recipes and tack no matter what I ate.



Tomorrow my weekly points reset to the following
Daily Points: 30
Weekly Points: 28
Fit Points: 61

My goals are as follows:
1. Eat withing my Daily Points – include veggies, salads and fruit
2. Do not got negative on my Weekly Points
3. Achieve all of my Fit Points.

Thank you for listening and following my journey.