Good news!!!! I am doing 5lbs since I started the program. Woop Woop for me. I am officially out of the 190’s, happy dance and a lil twerk. Hell yeah, buddy. I feel on top of the world.

I mentioned in my last post that I walked an additional 24 Fitpoints over my goal. I was pretty happy with that and was curious what would have happened if I had doubled it. Well I will not get to know. The wonderful app INCREASED my Fitpoints from 27 to 48. What the deuce?!?!?!?! Flabbergasted.

My Fitbit died Friday night and I couldn’t find the charger until a little while ago (as I am writing this, my Fitbit breaks. Sigh). The WW app says I only achieved 40 out of 48 Fitpoints. I was very busy on Saturday, cleaning and organizing my home so I know achieved them.


I had plans to return to the gym but that were quickly derailed by the construction outside of my office. My office was covered in dust and dirt. It took two attempts to get it all clean. The dust bothered my sinuses and now I have a permanent sore throat.

I did a little better with my food. We cooked a during the week. Measured out our carb portions. I added veggies to our dinner; frozen California veggies are absolutely yummy. I also measured and prepacked fruit for snacks. It was nice to be able to grab and go. For the late mornings, I would blend chocolate protein powder with a banana and unsweetened frozen berries.

I honestly believe that those little changes do add up. I did break down this week and had a couple of sodas. Unlike my usual 3 a day, I stopped at one a day. I caved mainly because of the lack of energy from feeling  under the weather.

Starting Weight: 194.1
Last Weeks Weigh in: 191.8
Current Weight: 188.9
Difference of -2.9lbs
Total Weight Loss: 5.2

That 5lb loss is a big deal to me. I am going to celebrate and use that to keep the momentum going.