WW offers personalized coaching, so on Saturday I had my first coaching session. My coach was very inspiring and we worked on a plan to eat more veggies. I thought I was set for life.

Then Monday morning happened. I woke up with a migraine before heading for a flight to Napa. I went back to old habits, the habits that added 20lbs in less than 15 months.

Starbucks is NOT MY FRIEND – Grande Carmel Macchiato 9pts, Sausage and Cheese Sandwhich 16pts. That is 25 pts, when I only have 30 a day. Not sustainable long term.

Packaged food is NOT MY FRIEND – a cup of noodles, protein bar and protein shake another 26pts. The worse part is I was still hungry after that.

Wine is NOT MY FRIEND – Errhhh! Pump the brakes! A glass of wine is not the problem, only 4 pts a glass. Its trying to eat a salad with a glass of wine. The alcohol quickly hits and next thing you know I am chowing down on sliders and fries with ranch. At that point I stopped tracking because I knew I was way over my dailies and weekly pts.

Almost doubled my FitPoints. Curious to see what color the circle would have changed to if I had hit 55?!?



The only thing that helped this week was that I stepped up my steps. Not on purpose, I was running all over Napa because I was there for work.  I achieved 24 FitPoints over my goal.
FitPoints goal: 27
FitPoints achieved: 51

Starting Weight 9/15/16: 194.1
Goal Weight: 150
Current Weight 10/2/16: 191.8

While I didn’t lose any weight, I am happy I didn’t gain a full pound. I really missed up my diet in Napa, so small wins for now.


All in all, the extra walking saved me. But I am hoping to get back on track this week. Starting with a Monday morning workout. See you in the gym!!