I am good trash talker, I have a pretty quick wit and can stare down with the best of them. But this isn’t that kind of trash talking — today I wanna share my thoughts on beauty items I have used and/or decluttered.

Products I’ve Used Up

First up are these moisturizer samples I took with me to Napa. I don’t have complicated skin with the exception of redness and large pores that eat makeup so I can pretty much wear anything – however my skin was very dehydrated from all the wine. My only requirement for moisturizer is that have an SPF that does not leave a white cast

The Philosophy didn’t have an SPF which was a bummer because I really enjoyed it. I can’t do many gel moisturizers because they bother my eyes, but this one did not irritate. Instead my parched skin absorbed all of its oil-free oxygenating goodness. Sephora offers a 0.5oz for $14 and a 2oz for $40. I will add the cheaper size to my favorites and repurchase when I am feeling spendy. Check it out here.


Surprisingly, I liked the Josie Margan Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47. I was afraid I was going to look like a grease ball because even on my driest skin the light version is still too greasy. There was no white cast, extra points. Sephora offers a 0.5oz, a 2oz and 4oz. I am going to favorite the 0.5oz at $14 because that is how I do. See prices here.


The pink mini bottle, Promise Organic Ultra Moisturizing Argan Crème facial Lotion with Olive Oil – what a name. The pink bottle is one of the surprise hits I received in an Ipsy bag. My skin loved this, my face did not get greasy like with the Josie Maran Light stuff. I was even happier when I found this at my local CVS. Online, here, they offer a 1.7oz for $14.99. I do plan on repurchasing this at some point in the cold season – where I live we don’t have a real winter – to help when my skin dries out. This is great under foundation, it doesn’t bunch up or turn my face into an oil slick so things don’t move around.


Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief – when my skin dried out last winter I bought this in a mini set to use at night. I don’t think that this lived up to its claim. This did not fix my skin issues, something else did that from the drugstore. But I actually like the jar for travel. Its a glass jar that I can use to squeeze makeup or moisturizer into when I travel. Sephora sells this little guy for $9, found here.


Moving onto cleanser. This Purity Made Simple cleanser is great at cleaning the skin but man does my skin not like it. Even though it gets all of the eyeliner and mascara off of my eyes, it is too harsh on my skin. This stuff doesn’t just dry out my skin, I feel like it strips it down and no amount of moisturizer will bring it back to life. TIP, when I have a cleanser that my face doesn’t like, I use it as a body wash for the days I went to the gym. This way I don’t waste any of it. I got this a while ago from a Sephora Favorites box, otherwise you can find it here starting at $11 for 3oz here.


Hands down my favorite exfoliator is this Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator. This has fine teeny tiny crystals that do an amazing job of cleansing the skin and removing unwanted texture. My skin looked gorgeous after this and makeup applies flawlessly.  Amazon sells a travel size for $6 or full size for $43, here. This baby is paraben free and vegan and works like magic. I recommend this to anyone who is having a hard time finding a good exfoliator. I promise you this is not harsh at all and can be used more than once a week if you desire. I received this in a Birchbox a while ago.



Sally’s Beauty Supply offers some of your favorite designer hair products at a discount in this ugly black and white packaging know as the Generic Value Products. I picked up the Sebastian Shaper Plus Hair Spray for the days I straightened my hair. I wanted hold without crunch. This delivered but also came heavily perfumed. Not my cup of tea. I would wear this and end up with a terrible headache, but my hair looked good!!! I tossed this sucker. The website here, says that it is there best seller.


YouTuber Chrisspy swears by the Wet n Wild Megaliner. And if its good for her, it great for me. Well, this didn’t totally dry down on my eyes and would melt into my eyeballs and burn.


As you can see the swatch on my hand, the wand applies product evenly and smooth. The bottle holds a lot of product and the price point, lemme tell you, CHEAP. But at the end of the day, my eyeballs are more important than a great bargain. You can find this at most drugstores but I found mine at CVS here for $3.29.


By the second use this became my favorite mascara. I am a believer that drugstore mascara does the job just as well as any highend – until I tried this. I was ready to spend the $22 on a full size bottle of the Smashbox X-Rated Mascara Volumateur until I received a sample of another mascara. I didn’t finish it just because I had had the bottle for over 2 months and as a contact wearer with sensitive eyes it was time to throw this out. But this gave me beautiful full looking lashes. This did not flake or smudge, which the Urban Decay Perversion does. This came in an Ipsy glam bag earlier in the year but you can find it at Sephora.

Show me your trash. I am interested in what you used up or decluttered; what worked for you or what you said hell no to. Having the 2 beauty subscriptions I get a lot of travel size items that I go through faster than my larger boring staple items. I will do my best to share those as well.