Disclaimer: these are first impressions. I haven’t had time to test these out. I like to leave them nice and neat for the pictures, cuz the world knows I need help with my pictures.

Ipsy – Glamazon


  1. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day 5-in1 Styling Treatment – this is Jen Aniston’s brand, right? I have always wanted to try this line of hair products so I am very excited to have received this. It does have a citrusy scent to it, not too bad. I will probably try this on my curly hair days.
  2. Sweet Lips Organic Honey Lip Balm – This smells like Vaseline. Feels soft when I put it on, no taste to it which is nice. I’ll throw it on my vanity to use before putting on liquid lipsticks.
  3. IT Cosmetics SuperHero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara in Super Black – This is not the wand with the ball on the end of it which I haven’t tried yet. The claims are that this will stretch your lashes, add dramatic length & volume, give you plumper looking lashes and leave with a fuller lash line. Those are a lot of claims, as someone with good lashes I am curious how this stacks up. Does anyone else like this mascara?
  4. TreStique Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives Luminescent – I have tried TreStique sticks before, I received a sample of the eyeshadow stick. The color was great, it didn’t move around on the lids but man did it dry out. The color on this is a pretty peach color, not sure how to use it but I do look forward to playing with this.
  5. COASTALSCENTS Elite Medium Shadow Brush – I did say last month that I had been contemplating cancelling Ipsy for a long time, but that  I had only held on to the subscription because they were including a lot of brushes. What a run on sentence. Anyways, I got another brush that looks  a lot like the Esssences brushes I already own. This one is stiffer, short haired and more dense, great for packing color on the lid but watch out for fallout.


Play by Sephora – The Unbasic Basics


  1. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight Perfector – Another Living Proof hair product in the same month, this girl is doing her happy dance. Same citrusy smell as the styler.
  2. Dr. Jart Water Drop Hydrating Primer – I am a fan of Dr. Jart products, so the happy dance continues with this product. This comes out looking like a silicone primer but then blends into slippery shine on your skin.I read the directions and it says to apply sparingly after serum. Ooohhh, maybe I applied to much. Out of curiousity, what do you do when your moisturizer does not have any SPF?
  3. Sephora Rouge Brilliance Rouge Shine in N 14 Love Spell – this is the tiny lipstick in the picture. Ha, I love tiny little lipsticks. When I swatch this on my hand, it is very hydrating and moist looking which makes me question staying power. The color looks a notch above baby pink so I may be able to wear this color.
  4. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel and Kat von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper. These two products have me twerking with happiness. These definitely make the bag. Both are items I have been wanting to try but have yet to make the purchase. These will definitely get major use from me after today. I quickly played with these, and I feel like these are going to bump some of my current beauty favorites. I will do a follow up post.
  5. Tory Burch Eau de Parum Spray in Jolie Fleur Verte -Not pictured. I don’t wear any kind of fragrance so that is going to my mom.

Final thoughts: Did the beauty subscription world collide and decide to give me the best month ever?!? 2 Living Proof products would have been enough to make dance. But then they threw in a complete eye; brow gel, liner and mascara. Give me those three products with a great moisturizer and I feel like a boss! I am running this world.
Ipsy thank you. Sephora thank you. This has been an amazing month of products.