So how did I do?  I started on a Thursday, the Thursday I left to a booze and taco filled vacation. Weigh in day was Sunday. In about four days I gained 1.5lbs. 

My first full week was interesting. I am only doing the online version, so I am learning this as I go. I struggled with the app, specifically searching  foods and trying to track points. It did dawn on me until at that time I needed to consider my portion size.  

The upside is that my Fitbit syncs to the app so by Friday I was able to earn all of my fitpoints. I am still trying to figure out fit points and what they are for besides keeping me mtoivated to move more. 

Fruits and veggies are zero points with the exception of potatoes. Potatoe is a starch and not a vegetable ?!? – Who knew? Not this person. I ate a lot of bananas this week as a way to stay full and not binge on potatoe chips. For the upscoming weeks I need to work on adding more veggies. 

The biggest change I made was I cut out soda. Pause for a second and let that sink in. I am a 2 to 3 soda a day person and I cut it out cold turkey. Where this will power is coming feom I do not know. I believe that was the biggest factor in my overall weightloss for the week. Here is how I ended the week.

Last Sunday weigh in 195.5.  Yesterday weigh in 191.2, a loss of 4.3.  Woo hoo.