Booties are new to me. I bought my first pair from Target last year and wore them once since. I didn’t think I could pull them off because I felt like it made my legs look chunkier. The style isn’t going anywhere so I figure its time to shop the trend.

I recently went on a Bootie rampage and all came in under 50 bucks. I do have a pair of boots over $50 that I will list at the very end and explain why I think they were worth the extra money.


Soda Booties in Black

These are my most recent purchase. These Soda booties cost around $22 bucks from a local fashion store. They have a nice chunky heel, round toe, detail around the ankle that makes them kind of edgy. The inside of the boot is lined making it easy to slide in and out of and these are not horribly uncomfortable.

Journee Knee High Boots in Jester – Extra Wide Calf Black

I decided I wanted something comfortable, easy to style, flat yet dressy and perfect for those opps I forgot to shave days. The downside to working in an air conditioned office (I am not complaining rather stating a fact) is that when you sit too long you eventually get cold. Switching from the AC to heater is not an option when you share an office with others. So for those cold days, I thought these would be the perfect solution- the ankles are covered and the material is thin so I won’t overheat. Did I mention these are extra wide calf?
Note: These are $65 on JcPenney and other sites. What the heck?!? I ordered from the site and used a 25% off coupon to get them under $50. I don’t believe they are worth that much money, but I owned a pair of these about 10 years ago and I wore those to death. So I know I will get cost per wear out of these.

Marc Fisher

I have been wanting these since I saw them last year on I would have ordered them last year and paid the full $90+ but they didn’t have my size in the black suede. I am so glad I didn’t. I recently walked into Ross and found these sexy babies for $29.99. I learned two lessons that day: Don’t sleep on Ross for high end finds and stop paying full retail for high shoes.
I cannot wait for date night with my hubs to show these off. But first the pedicure.


Now for the pricier pair of boots

Naturalizer Byron Boot Wide Calf in Black


I purchased these going into Spring (saved them for Winter) when the Naturalizer boots were on sale their site, plus they were offering an additional 25% off. I didn’t pay the full $139 price tag, I paid around $70 for them. I do consider these my investment piece of the season because I know I will get my cost per wear out of these babies.

The detailing is simple in a classic style – which means regardless of current fashions trends I can wear this boot to the office for many seasons to come. This is a faux leather boot which is great for me because I don’t know how to take care of real leather. The 3″ heel means I can miles at the office without my feet hurting.

The best part is that they are made with comfort technology so your feet don’t get tired. Yes there is a difference between feet that are tired and feet that hurt from the wrong pair of shoes. Feet that hurt, that’s an easy fix – take the shoe off or pop some ibuprofen. Feet that are tired, stay tired for the next day and it doesn’t matter what shoe you switch out to, they stay tired.