New shoes? I wish. Twill jacket so I can be on trend for fall? Nope. A an actual camera with a tripod? Still saving for that. So what is it then?

Its actually a membership to Weight Watchers!!!! I am a few pounds shy of 200lbs and with diabetes running in my family I need a health tune up quick stat.

I have been trying to get healthy on my own but the pounds keep creeping up. Every person I talk has a different method of loosing the weight. Some count calories,others measure portions while others do not count or measure, they just eat whatever they want of the “right foods”. They often contradict each other.

I choose Weight Watchers because at the end of the day you have a centralized group of people who have the same line of thinking. So no matter who I speak with, who ever the meeting leader is, the information is consistent. Which is what I need for my busy lifestyle. I don’t have time to weed through all the health info that is out there and create my own plans.

I literally just signed up about 30 mins ago and played with thier site and app for a little bit.  I hope you follow on me journey of getting healthier. I am going to use this blog as an accountability tool. I will update weekly. For now since I just signed in here are my stats and points:

Height is 5’5. Weight is 194.1.  Goals is 150. Daily pts I can eat 30. Weekly pts 42. Weekly fitness pts Goal is 27. 

If you are on Weight Watchers connect with me at jess_luvs_sam.