Some grow up wanting to be Marilyn, Jackie, Audrey, Betty or Diane. I want grow up to be Tanesha Awasthi. I came across her last November and I instantly became addicted to her site. 
I was drawn to her for two reasons: the woman knows how to dress her curves and her curly hair is always on full display. I spent many late nights going through her gallery in awe of her confidence. Her site has helped me to accept my thick, frizzy curly hair and thighs. I stopped fighting my body and decided to learn to love it and accept it.

I am impressed by the way she dresses herself; she wears it all, tight skinnies, bold prints, girly pink pieces, designer bags and shoes.

My favorite post of hers is from May 27, 2015, she featured a Printed Sun Dress. A pretty blue dress, with straps and pockets. White summer wedges and matching tote. I saw that, and thought I dont have to hide, I can wear that too! No need to hide behind black maxi dress and flip flops. I too can do the summer pieces and feel confident. When did I lose myself? 

Check her out at Instagram at   Thank you for inspiring me to crawl out of my shell and introduce me to world of curvy fashions