I am starting this blog thing as hobby, so I tell myself. My boss would probably laugh as every performance review states that I need proofread my emails before I hit send. I suppose this is practice.

It is strange that I am pulling this trigger now that I am ready to start a no buy until the end of the year. I haven’t fully committed to my no buy, tomorrow I am going thrift shopping. If you are ever in the Southern California area, know that there are Goodwill boutiques in every major tourist city. If I don’t find anything which I am sure of thanks to my size 14/16 waist, I will place one final shoe order for the year. Rereading that makes me wonder if I am going to turn readers off. However I do have a few hauls to post and well let’s be honest, as a newbie I have plenty of wardrobe pics to post about.

I don’t know anything about blog writing, gaining followers or website building. Welcome to my misguided journey. We will talk about dressing for work, my love of makeup specifically all things eyeshadow, functional handbags, my thighs that rub and of course my unruly curly hair.